Python Programming Idioms

By pyXelr
Tags: python

Python code snippets collected from

The deck applies Python syntax to improve the code readability.

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Vim Single Keybindings

By cs_student
Tags: vim, programming

All the single key bindings in vim. Compiled from here.

Excludes unbound keys because why would you want to memorize those.

Definitions (from the website):

  • word - a lower-case word (“w”, “b”, “e” commands) is defined by a consecutive string of letters, numbers, or underscore, or a consecutive string of characters that is not any of {letters, numbers, underscore, whitespace}
  • Word - an upper-case word (“W”, “B”, “E” commands) is a consecutive sequence of non-whitespace.
  • sentence
  • paragraph
  • cursor motion command - any command which positions the cursor is ok here, including the use of numeric prefixes. In addition, a repeat of the edit command usually means to apply to the entire current line. For example, “<<” means shift current line left; “cc” means replace entire current line; and “dd” means delete entire current line. >>
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CSS One Line Layouts

By css_writer
Tags: computer science, programming, css, html, web

The 10 one line CSS layouts from . Deck is just the name and the layout, it assumes you’ve already watched the video / understand the layouts. Useful if you don’t want to stop to look these up while coding!

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