What is the Beautiful Anki template family?

The Beautiful Anki family, by Jason Siegel, is composed of 4 templates for your Anki flashcards. Each template is designed for a specific purpose and complements the others for an exceptional Anki experience. See the Beautiful Templates Bundle to save when you buy the entire Beautiful Anki family.

  1. The Basic and Reversed Cards template is for simple content
  2. The Cloze Cards template is for cloze deletion texts (fill in the blanks)
  3. The Cloze Table Cards template is for cloze deletions in table format
  4. The Translation & Homonym Cards template is for language learning

What features are available in all Beautiful Anki templates?

  • An explanation field shown on the back side of the card
  • The subdeck displayed on the back side of the card
  • Tags displayed as individual pills
  • Hierarchical tags compatibility (Add-on required)
  • Color-coded tags capability (Customizable with a file edit)
  • Night mode automatically activated based on hour of day (Customizable with a file edit)
  • Custom background images (Customizable with a file edit)


What features are available in the Basic and Reversed Cards template?

  • All of the features of the Beautiful Anki template family
  • An image field for each side of the card


Is this template compatible with my version of Anki?

The Beautiful Anki template family has been optimized for Anki Mobile on iOS. Efforts have been made ensure compatibility on other platforms and devices, but there may be minor visual differences that do not affect overall functionality

  • Name: Beautiful Basic & Reversed Cards
  • Tags: beautiful, template
  • Author: Jason
  • Downloads: 225
  • Price: $8.99
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