!WARNING! The series of human anatomy decks contain photos of real human cadavers which might be disturbing to some users.

The Abdomen and pelvic cavity - Complete Anatomy is a deck containing 803 cards based on 173 human cadavers pictures made in a real dissecting room. This particular deck focuses on muscles, arteries, veins, nerves, ligaments and joints of the abdomen and pelvic cavity but also on the organs: liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, small and large intestine, urinary bladder and reproductive organs from both men and women.

Each picture is signed, verified and lets the user type in the name of pointed anatomical structure what is the best possible option to prepare for anatomy exam. Personally, using only the COMPLETE ANATOMY I’ve passed my practical exam with an A- grade, and haven’t ever opened a book to study.

The deck is intended for med students all around the world to help them pass, what is for many, the hardest subject during all years of med-school, but people who would just like to study human anatomy for fun, won’t find a better option because to start learning anatomy with the Abdomen and pelvic cavity - Complete Anatomy you don’t have to study before, meaning that the entry lvl is at 0.

In all the decks following abbreviations have been used:

  • Arteria / Artery - a.
  • Vena / Vein - v.
  • Nervus / Nerve - n.
  • Musculus / Muscle - m.
  • Ligamentum / Ligament - lig.
  • Dexter - dex.
  • Sinister - sin.

Creating this decks took many hundreds of hours for few people, but it’s only human to make mistakes, so if you find a mistake, spelling error or some kind of bug or if you have any suggestions please let me know and contact me on reddit: CompleteHumanAnatomy

The deck language is English.

The deck is available both in Latin and English, and it’s part of a bigger project called “COMPLETE ANATOMY” the full list of all the decks can be found below:


Sample containing 60 photos and 60 cards (10 from each deck) is available for free both in: LATIN & ENGLISH

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