Flaschards for Cheng & Tsui’s Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1.


  • All vocabulary from Lesson 1 through Lesson 10, including the “How About You?” boxes and the “Culture Highlights”. All vocab is tagged with which part of the book it came from, making it easy to suspend anything you’re not interested in reviewing (like the Culture Highlights vocab).
  • Both simplified and traditional characters.
  • Both pinyin and zhuyin (bopomofo) pronunciation systems.
  • Extra definitions that are not in the textbook, sourced from


  • Cards are imported in the order they appear in the book, with one exception: if a card appears in both supplementary material (“How About You?” or “Culture Highlights”) and a dialogue vocab, it will be scheduled such that it shows up with the dialogue vocabulary, even if it appears in an earlier “How About You?” or “Culture Highlights”. This is so that if you suspend the supplementary material cards (except ones that also appear in dialogues) the dialogue vocab will appear in order.
  • By default there are six cards per vocab item: definition -> spoken, spoken -> definition, simplified -> definition/spoken, traditon -> definition/spoken (does not appear if traditional is same as simplified), definition -> simplified, spoken -> simplified. This set up assumes that you are learning to recognize both simplified and traditional, but only write traditional. You may need to adjust the cards as needed.
  • By default, pinyin is used for pronunciation. You can edit the note type to use zhuyin instead.
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