Xefjord’s Complete Language Series was created with the mission of providing free language learning courses for every known living language. Xefjord was driven to start this project because he believes that every culture is inherently valuable and important to our humanity and global well being, and that languages are the gateway towards preserving and promoting those cultures.

Because of its popularity, ease of use, and open source nature Xefjord decided to create all his courses on the digital flashcard program Anki. These courses were created with the purpose of giving learners a survival level introduction to their language of choice while also granting them the tools to continue learning with and expanding upon the functionality of Anki afterwards.

There are three options for learning Mandarin. ONLY PICK ONE.

Mandarin (Chinese) is the most commonly used and features Pinyin (Latin Alphabet) transliterations alongside Simplified Hanzi (Chinese Characters). Use this deck if you are broadly interested in Chinese, Interested in places like Mainland China or Singapore, or looking for the most used system.

Mandarin (Taiwanese) features Zhuyin (Phonetic Semisyllabary) transliterations alongside Traditional Hanzi (Chinese Characters). Use this deck if you are interested in places like Taiwan. Zhuyin is also known as Bopomofo and is widely used within Taiwan for typing and teaching kids.

Mandarin (Traditional) features Pinyin (Latin Alphabet) transliterations alongside Traditional Hanzi (Chinese Characters). Use this deck if you are interested in Traditional Chinese but intimidated by Bopomofo. Many overseas Chinese communities will also use this combination as well.

The only major differences between these three decks is in writing and transliteration. Almost all the content and audio remains the same.

Remember ONLY PICK ONE when downloading to your Anki. Completely remove your existing Mandarin deck before downloading another.

This course includes two decks not made by me (but modified to fit my format):

This includes the Most Common 3000 Chinese Hanzi deck (Link here: and 6000 Most Frequent Characters (Traditional) deck (Link here:

You can get support for these decks by joining the subreddit or discord communities for Xefjord’s Complete Languages. Thank you~

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