Ultimate Toki Pona

By samm81
Tags: toki pona

toki pona is “the language of good”!

A constructed language invented in by Sonja Lang, it consists of only 120 words. At 10 words a day, you can be bilingual in 12 days!

This deck consists of the romanization and defintion of the 120 words of toki pona, as well as their sitelen pona (written glyph), sitelen sitelen (another style of glyph), sitelen Emoji (their emoji equivalent), Japanese character equivalent, Chinese character equivalent, and word frequency rank.

In additon, it includes both the teaching sentences and exercises from jan Lentan’s toki pona 12 day course, along with explanations. The deck is structured in such a way that you can learn toki pona without ever having to leave Anki!

By default, all sitelen (glyph) cards are suspended, leaving just the romanization and definition of each character, as well the grammar sentences and exercises.

If you would like to learn sitelen pona, search for "deck:toki pona" card:3 or card:4 and unsuspend all cards.

If you would like to learn sitelen sitelen, search for "deck:toki pona" card:5 or card:6 and unsuspend all cards.

If you would like to learn sitelen Emoji, search for "deck:toki pona" card:7 or card:8 and unsuspend all cards.

If you want to include the Japanese or Chinese characters you’ll have to edit the note type.


Word definitons are from http://tokipona.net/tp/janpije/dictionary.php

The sitelen sitelen, Japanese glyphs, and Chinese glyphs are from http://tokipona.net/tp/ClassicWordList.aspx

Word frequencies are from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/206063196

The sitelen pona glyphs are from https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1548566798

The sitelen Emoji are from https://sites.google.com/view/sitelenemoji

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Xefjord's Complete Japanese

By Xefjord
Tags: xefjord, japanese

Xefjord’s Complete Language Series was created with the mission of providing free language learning courses for every known living language. Xefjord was driven to start this project because he believes that every culture is inherently valuable and important to our humanity and global well being, and that languages are the gateway towards preserving and promoting those cultures.

Because of its popularity, ease of use, and open source nature Xefjord decided to create all his courses on the digital flashcard program Anki. These courses were created with the purpose of giving learners a survival level introduction to their language of choice while also granting them the tools to continue learning with and expanding upon the functionality of Anki afterwards.

There is only one option for learning Japanese.

This Japanese course teaches standard Japanese as one might hear in Tokyo, Japan with Hiragana (Phonetic Syllabary) and Kanji (Chinese Characters).

This course includes one deck not made by me but modified to fit my format:

The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course with vocabulary - revised (Link here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/779483253)

You can get support for this decks by joining the subreddit or discord communities for Xefjord’s Complete Languages. Thank you~



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