German Compound Words for Beginners, created by Jen Bjornstad, PhD, is an Anki deck for brand-new learners of German or for anyone interested in languages and how they work.

The deck is made up of 80 compound nouns in German that are easy and fun for speakers of English to guess, for example, die Sonnenblume (sunflower), der Eisbär (polar bear), die Milchstraße (Milky Way).

By studying these words, you’ll learn the basic nouns the compounds are made up of: die Blume (flower), der Bär (bear), die Straße (street). You’ll also get a sense of how German compounds are created, and you’ll start to see patterns in the ways German and English are related to each other.

Note: If you’re interested in using this deck for teaching purposes, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for related materials.

  • Name: German Compound Words for Beginners
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