The Sentence MINE is a deck containing over 1,400,000 sentences translated equally between German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese Mandarin. For Chinese Mandarin, the MINE contains both the simplified and traditional script as well as pinyin.

With over 200,000 sentences for each language this deck can save time looking for sentences when sentence mining. When you’ve finished with one language you can learn another using the languages you’ve already mastered.

This deck also contains instructions on how to set up the MINE; how to sentence mine, and how to use this deck in conjunction with other materials.

This deck is a work in progress. Cards are constantly being modified. Every month the deck will be uploaded with modified sentences. Users will be eligible for a free download.

Suggested modifications to the deck can be posted at the reddit group THE_SENTENCE_MINE please include the “noteid” if seeking a change to the sentence.

!!! SAMPLE !!!

A sample of the deck is available for free here!

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