Calculo con Derivadas e Integrales (Calculus with Derivatives and Integrals)

By floresenhalloween
Tags: espanol, spanish, math, calculus, derivatives, integrals
  • made in LaTex like language
  • free template for your own math decks
  • written to be used in PC and mobile with ease

Spanish Language Cards with Calculus, with emphasis on trigonometrics, made by and for engineering and physics students. The hardest integrals come with an step by step.

  • hecho en lenguaje MathJax similar a LaTex
  • Template gratis para tus propios mazos
  • escritas para poder visualizarse correctamente en cualquier pantalla

Cartas Anki en español con Calculo 1 y 2, con enfasis en trigonometria, hecho para y por estudiantes de ingieneria y fisica. Las integrales más dificiles vienen con soluciones paso a paso.

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Physician-Patient Communication

By Ankimaster
Tags: medicine, medical school, level 2

This is a second year medical school deck about Physician-Patient Communication

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A-Level OCR A Physics Flashcards

By Theorizing
Tags: physics, ocr, ocr a

These are flashcards based on A-Level Physics Textbook for OCR A. The deck contains roughly 1000 flashcards, with definitions, diagrams, equations and descriptions almost exclusively from the textbook. I hope you find it useful as an effective way to learn all the theory for your A-Level exams.

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