This template will help you quickly start using Anki for building your vocabulary.

What each field is and how it is to be filled:

Word Insert the head word here. The word you are learning.
IPA Insert the phonetic and phonemic transcription of the word.
Pronunciation Insert audio file containing the pronunciation of the word. Click on the “clip” icon to insert audio. Audio is automatically played. If you want it repeated you can click on the “play” button beside the head word.
Definition Each definition should be enclosed in a <div> tag like <div>My definition here.</div>. Extra info can be put in underline tags like this: <u>informal</u> <u>slang</u>. If you are including part of speech info don’t put them in <div> tags. Putting them in bold tags is recommended: <b>noun</b>.
Sentence This is where example sentences are inserted. Each example sentense should be enclosed in a <div> tag like <div>My example sentence here.</div>. You can use bold tags to highlight the head word like this: <div><b>Meliorism</b> is that comfortable midway point between pessimism and optimism</div>.
Picture You insert a picture relevant to the head word here. Click on the “clip” icon to insert pictures.
Video Backup Anki support for vidoes is not the best. So there are two steps if you want to include videos. First click on the “clip” icon to insert a video. You will see somthing like this: [sound:filename.mp4]. Then proceed to the next field.
Video Second copy only the file name from “Video Backup” field and paste here. Eg: copy only “filename.webm” from “[sound:filename.mp4]”

Also you can enable night mode in your Anki client for the dark theme!

Happy Learning! :)

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