• For students preparing for standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, ESL, TOEFL, and TOEIC. Also for homeschoolers and remote learners.
  • Organized by 250 Greek and Latin roots as the building blocks for words, this book will aid in learning 1,200 words while introducing 2,000 more words.
  • Includes quizzes after each root discussion to test progress.

It differs from the Merriam-Webster Vocabulary Builder deck as in it doesn’t include the “Explanation Text and Word Definition” cloze cards which are rather time consuming.

Notes about the deck design:

  • A well designed deck of “Merriam-Webster Vocabulary Builder”.
  • For each unit, first the ROOT of the words is introduced. (cloze)
  • Then WORDS based on the ROOT is introduced. (reverse)
  • At the end of the unit QUIZZES are presented for review. (basic)
  • Night Mode!

Cloze Deletions are auto generated using spaCy (expect weird stuff). Merriam Webster doesn’t use IPA, so all IPA is auto generated using eng_to_ipa.

Change Log:

v1.0 [2020-11-04] Initial Release

  • Name: Merriam-Webster Vocabulary Builder - LITE
  • Tags: english, vocabulary
  • Author: woolgatherer
  • Downloads: 140
  • Price: Free
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