The Oxford 5000 is an expanded core word list for advanced learners of English. As well as the Oxford 3000 core word list (words that every learner of English needs to know), it includes an additional 2,000 words that are aligned to the CEFR, guiding advanced learners at B2-C1 level on the most useful high-level words to learn to expand their vocabulary.

This deck will help you memorize definitions of all the Oxford 5000 words.

Each word in the deck is given a CEFR level and they are tagged in Anki as such. So you can create a filtered deck with the CEFR Level you want. Unless you are a “beginner” I highly recommend you filter the deck according to your needs.

Oxford 5000 doesn’t include words of C2 level.

Each word in the list is treated in the following way:

  • The word and it’s definitions are introduced first as a “cloze” card. The student will remember all the senses of the word like this.
  • The student is presented the previously learned definition with the word blanked out (basic card). First letter of the word is given and subsequent underscores will tell how many letters the word contains.

Things you should know about the deck:

  • The the word list if from Oxford, definitions are taken from Collins COBUILD which is know for “providing definitions in full sentences rather than excerpted phrases. Example sentences are given for almost every meaning of every word, drawn from a large corpus of actual usage.”
  • Enable tts on your Anki Clinet to hear the pronunciation of the word. (o5k-cloze card only)
  • When Oxford 5000 includes a word it might only be for a particular part of speech. For examples “act” might have definitions for when it is used as a verb, noun, etc. But Oxford 5000 might only include the “noun” definition. But the deck includes definitions for all the parts of speech.
  • It is not exactly 5000 words especially considering the earlier point. For example ‘young’ is included as both ‘adjective’ and ‘noun’.
  • This deck is not done by hand / manually typing in. I used automation (Python) so errors might have crept in. If you found an error share them here.
  • You can make this deck better and share it.
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